Why is Good Friday Called “Good Friday”?

Good Friday
Good Friday- Image Source: Clipart Library
  • The Bible claims they flogged God’s son, forced to carry the cross on which they would crucify him, and finally executed. It’s difficult to see what makes it “good.”
  • The word ‘Good Friday’ does not imply that the Friday was good, positive, or pleasant. The word ‘good’ in this case has the same meaning as the original Old English term, which implies holy. As a result, they also know this day as Holy Friday.
  • Christians, on the other hand, argue that the day of Christ’s crucifixion was significant in that it marked the beginning of his resurrection (which occurred on Easter Sunday) and the day he died for our sins.
  • Christians believed that Easter should be a joyful celebration throughout – after all, Jesus’s father would vandalize them, if Jesus hadn’t walked the cross, and surrendered his spirit into his father’s hands.
  • Besides Good Friday, there is also Good Wednesday, which falls on the Wednesday before Easter.

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