Why does Amazon destroy unsold stock?

Amazon destroy unsold product
Amazon destroy unsold product Image source : Metro

The answer is Amazon’s hugely successful business model. Many vendors choose to house their products in Amazon’s vast warehouses, but the longer the goods remain unsold, the more a company is charged to store them. It is eventually cheaper to dispose of the goods, especially stock from overseas than to continue storing the stock.

An ex-employee, who asked for anonymity, told ITV: “From a Friday to a Friday our target was to generally destroy 130,000 items a week.

“Overall, 50 percent of all items are unopened and still in their shrink wrap. The other half are returns and in good condition. In one week in April, a leaked document from inside the Dunfermline warehouse showed more than 124,000 items marked ‘destroy’. To repeat, that’s just for seven days.

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