Why do your ears feel clogged?

Ear Clogged
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Even though a clogged ear does not cause pain or discomfort, muted sounds and having to strain to hear can be a real pain.

It’s possible that your ear will unblock on its own within hours or days. Identify various sources of the blockage while you treat a plugged ear.

Eustachian tube blockage

Eustachian tubes which run between your middle ear and the back of your nose get clogged when your ears are plugged.

In your ears, you may feel a sense of fullness or pressure. Ear ache, dizziness, and distorted hearing are all symptoms.

The blockage goes away as the swelling from the cold goes down.

Higher altitude

A fast change in air pressure outside the body causes the blockage.

Thus, the Eustachian tube is to balance middle ear pressure.

However, at higher altitudes, it cannot equalise pressure. Thus, you can feel the difference in air pressure in the ears.


Earwax cleans the ear canal and prevents dirt from entering the ear.

Wax is soft, but it can harden and obstruct the ear canal. When earwax causes an ear blockage.

Acoustic neuroma

Acoustic neuroma tumours are tiny and slow-growing. They can, however, put pressure on nerves in the inner ear as they become larger.

This can cause a clogged ear, hearing loss, and ear ringing.

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