Which is the highest-paid Sport in the world?

Basketball, NBA
Basketball, NBA

The world’s highest-paid sport is, undoubtedly, basketball. Superstars Stephen Curry and Lebron James have one of the world’s highest salaries among active players.

To earn a nice payday, you do not even have to be a starter on an NBA team. With an average salary of $7.4 million per year, even a player outside of the top 100 basketball players list can feel satisfied with their earnings.

Additionally, sponsors and endorsements ensure that NBA players are among the best-paid athletes every year.

The National Basketball Association has a reputation for being the most innovative of the major professional North American sports leagues. They earn money from a combination of sources, including television rights, merchandising, and ticket sales.

The average values of the NBA franchises are up by 4%. It is the smallest gain since 2010, but the NBA’s financial outlook is still bright, with big-market teams particularly attractive.

Empty arenas will dent NBA salaries 20% this season, but the biggest stars have blockbuster sneaker contracts that keep them among the world’s highest-paid athletes.

The NBA is also the first to consciously develop its most marketable players into global media superstars, which has boosted popularity for the league overseas.

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