Which are the best wine festivals in India ?

Wine Festival
Wine Festival- Image Source: Livemore Zone

There have been many attempts at organizing wine festivals in India in recent memory. Sadly, most have fallen short on expectations on various fronts. However, as the demand for wine increases, irrespective of the various bans and the emerging socio-political landscape of the country, wine festivals in India have caught the fancy of the public. Here are the top four wine festivals in India that one ought to visit.

Bandra Wine Festival

  • The Bandra Wine Festival is organized in the month of November in Mumbai.
  • The two-day festival promises lot more than just wine and attracts people from all over the country.
  • It offers with grape-stomping championships, art exhibitions, dance and music, and of course, lots of good food.

Sula Fest

  • Sula Fest has perhaps been the only one of the lot that has had a good track record of being on time every year.
  • Each year in the month of February, Sula Vineyards in Nashik transforms into a hotspot for the hottest bands and live music, along with some of the best wine and good food.
  • The Sula Fest is and always has been as much about music and performing arts as wine. 

Grover Fest

  • Grover Vineyards, the other big name in the Indian market organizes its own wine festival in Bangalore in the month of February.
  • It is not as old as the Sula Fest, but attracts an enviable list of performers and crowds to the event grounds.
  • 2016 marked the second edition of the festival and we hope there will be lot more before prohibition takes over the country for a foreseeable future.

Taj Wine Festival

  • Taj Mahal, New Delhi, organized its own version of a wine festival this year with over 50 wineries, making it one of the biggest wine festivals that actually focused on wine. 
  • The Taj Wine Festival saw the Navy Band playing at the Gala Dinner attended by the luminaries of the wine industry. 
  •  It is the first of its kind for the national capital and one hopes there will be more to come that will attract more than just the industry folks or the most serious wine connoisseurs.