What’s the reason behind five day working week?

Five-Day Work Week
Five-Day Work Week- Image Source: All About Lean

According to a growing corpus of research and corporate case studies, switching to a shorter workweek would cause

  • increased productivity
  • better health
  • higher employee retention rates

According to a research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, people who worked 55 hours per week did worse on several mental activities than those who worked 40 hours per week.

Thanks to Henry Ford, the Ford Motor Company could reduce its workweek from 48 to 40 hours in 1914.

During 1908, a New England cotton factory established the same timetable.

They allowed Jewish employees to observe the Sabbath on Saturday and Christian employees to have their day on Sunday.

Anecdotal research suggests that a four-day workweek may boost productivity.

Larry Page, the founder of Google, has applauded the concept.

A four-day workweek appears to increase morale and well-being besides increasing productivity.

Although, the benefits of a four-day weekend have yet to be shown, there is plenty of evidence that it is a good idea.

For the time being, there is an unexplored method for businesses to hire and keep high-quality staff.

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