What makes Finland the happiest country in the world?

Finland Happiest Country
Finland Happiest Country - Image Source : Expreso

The UN ranked Finland first in the UN’s Happiness Index for the fourth year in a row.

What is it about Finland that makes its residents so content?

  • Finland is more relaxed and content. The culture is welcoming besides strong emphasis on cooperation.
  • People are at ease. The low crime rate has resulted in a culture where people feel safe, and content. A few years ago, Finland’s school system was reformed.
  • Another factor is equality, so everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, has equal access to opportunity.
  • Finland is one of the most beautiful places on the earth. It is clear what Finland offers its residents factoring in low pollution levels and pure air.
  • Finland has a big middle class and a low poverty rate. In Finland, the wealthy have been reluctant to flaunt their money.
  • Even the poorest people would have access to the best education and health care, and there would be no need for homelessness.

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