What is MagicDNA?

"What is MagicDNA"
What is MagicDNA-image source-Azonano

MagicDNA is a GUI-based software in which most operations are performed by interacting with the GUIs or program window. The “MagicDNA” software allows more complex design, according to the Ohio State team, by working primarily at the level of the links, joints, and ssDNA connections between bundle components.

A kind of “DNA robot” that supports tasks like drug delivery consists of one or more stiff parts. The shape and stiffness of these components can be precisely controlled depending on the number and arrangement of double-stranded, or dsDNA, helices.

To create dynamic DNA machines or robots, these rigid components can be interconnected by hinges that allow rotation, or slide joints that allow translation. These joints that connect the components are created via flexible single-stranded DNA (ssDNA).

“For example, a hinge joint can be formed by connecting two tight bundles with several short ssDNA connections placed along a line,” says Castro. “Sliding joints can be formed by combining two complementary bundle geometries, such as cylinders in hollow tubes.”

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