What is European Super League and why the project fell so soon?

European Super League
European Super League- Indian Source: Khel Now

A group of 12 clubs, including six from the Premier League, tried to form a new breakaway league back in April.

However, the project collapsed within days as supporters from all over the world protested. Now, only three clubs remain part of the Super League. Only Barcelona, Juventus and Real Madrid have yet to formally withdraw from the ESL.

The idea was to form a core of 15 wealthiest clubs, with extra 5 clubs making a group of 20. JP Morgan backed the venture via $6 billion debt financing.

The Super League drew flak as many viewed the project as cynical and controversial. It is so because the core members could not be relegated.

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin had condemned the project, describing it as “a spit in the face” of all soccer lovers.

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