What is cancel culture?

Cancel Culture
Cancel Culture - Image Source : Insider

Cancel culture refers to the removing support for prominent personalities and businesses after they have done or said anything that is deemed disagreeable or disrespectful.

A sort of group shaming that takes place on social media is Cancel Culture.

When a famous figure says or writes anything or does anything that the public finds unpleasant or inappropriate, this is the most prominent example.

They accomplished this cancellation :

  • By pressuring the offending individual’s employer to fire them,
  • Pressuring brands to drop their affiliation,
  • Threatening boycotts,
  • Or engaging in any other action that has a negative impact on the individual’s reputation or finances.

When the #MeToo Movement started, the term and occurrence of cancelling became well known.

Moreover, today people use the terms “cancel culture” and “call-out culture” interchangeably.

Cancel culture is a natural progression from pointing out a problem to demanding the person who caused it.