What is Black Twitter?

Black Twitter
Black Twitter-Image Source: Art by Jessica Siao

Black Twitter is an informal group comprising of African-American users who focus on problems of interest to the black community, in the United States, on the social networking site Twitter.

Although Black Twitter has a large Black Americans user base, different people and groups can take part in this social media circle because of shared experiences and reactions to such online.

“Black Twitter” users use #blacktwitter, #BlackGirlJoy, #BlackBoyJoy, #BlackLivesMatter, or other hashtag that focuses on problems relevant to the black experience.

This panel discusses,

  • Black women are using social media and digital communities to build community and drive change.
  • Black humour has provided insights into the interconnections of race, gender, and politics throughout history
  • People should recognise Black Twitter as a news subculture.

Black Twitter users also discuss media content from a black perspective, such as TV series, movies, and award shows.

Moreover the year 2020, marked the foundation of as a news aggregator that reflected black culture.

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