What is a Blue Vein Society?

The Blue Vein Society
Blue Vein Society- Image Source: Facebook Community

The Blue Vein Society is a group of people who have skin that is light enough to see the blue veins under it.

They are an elitist group that wants to assimilate to improve their own standing.

Since the end of the 19th century, various groups of black people with pale complexions formed blue vein societies.

In US cities, they formed several self-proclaimed Blue Vein Societies, representing the small Black upper and upper-middle classes.

The first Blue Veins were a small group of coloured people that formed early after the war.

Its goal was to build and maintain proper social norms among a group of people whose social situation had a lot of opportunity for development.

The civilization comprised individuals who were, on average, more white than black, either due to chance or some innate affinity.

Whereas some jealous outsider suggested that anyone who was not white enough to display blue veins was ineligible for membership.

Since then they established the society as the “Blue Vein Society” and its members as the “Blue Veins”.

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