What does it mean if your foot goes numb when you jog?

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Jogging is a full-body workout that activates 45 miles of nerve synapses, which trigger the muscles that propel you ahead.

Those nerves encounter a traffic congestion in the feet and toes, causing your foot to fall asleep.

Foot numbness occurs when a nerve is entrapped, or when direct pressure applies to the nerve, preventing it from functioning.

Thus, this problem can arise for a variety of causes, the most of which are minor and simple to resolve.

Too-tight shoes, which exert pressure on nerves in the foot, are a common cause of foot numbness among runners.

The anatomy of your feet, particularly your arches might cause numbness during running. Consequently, you’re more prone to feel nerve compression if your feet are flat or excessively flexible.

Check your shoe’s toe box to make sure it’s WIDE enough. Check the pattern of your shoes’ lacing and make sure you don’t tie the lace too tightly.

A person’s jogging style can sometimes place pressure on nerves in the foot, causing numbness. It’s debatable whether you should land on your toes or heels first.

Because of the potential of damage associated with any change in running pattern, change foot strike gradually, in modest increments, over a long period.

Also, Numbness in your foot can be a transient problem or the effect of a long-term illness like diabetes.

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