What are the strange facts about North Korea?

Strange facts about North Korea
Strange facts about North Korea - Image Source : World Nomads

In the twenty-first century, when most countries have gone to democracy, North Korea is still grappling with family rule.

If you dig a little further, you’ll discover that North Korea is a bizarre country with even stranger rules.

  • Only male government employees may drive. Only one out of every hundred people owns an automobile.
  • People are not permitted to wear jeans since they regard it as a sign of capitalism. Skirts worn by women must cover the knees. Additionally, there is a prohibition on wearing Bikini.
  • Only three television channels are provided to watch. Moreover government controls it.
  • Kim Jong Un issued a list of 28 approved hairstyles (18 for women and 10 for men) that citizens of North Korea can wear in 2013.
  • If one member of a family commits suicide, they punish entire family. When a person commits a crime, it affects three generations of his family.
  • When South Korea cut fertiliser supplies in 2008, they asked residents to provide their stools to aid agriculture.
  • Elections happen with only one candidate.

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