What are the side effects of dieting?

Side effects of dieting - Image source : The conversation

Going on a diet comes with pros but, we shouldn’t ignore the cons of dieting.

If you’re thinking of doing intermittent fasting, you should think about some of the repercussions.

People may experience headaches, lethargy, crankiness, and constipation.

You may wish to convert from alternate-day fasting to periodic fasting or a time-restricted eating plan.

It will enable you to eat every day within a specified time to reduce some of these undesirable side effects.

The elimination of carbs from one’s diet can increase the risk of tiredness.

Cutting carbs is linked to the restriction of nutrients like vitamin B12, folate, and iron.

A low-calorie diet is linked to hair loss because it deprives your hair follicles of the nutrition they need to operate efficiently.

A high-protein diet can cause dehydration, which can put your kidneys under stress, and, in the future, you will likely develop kidney stones.

Guilt and self-blame, anger, anxiety and sadness, difficulty concentrating, and exhaustion are all common symptoms of chronic dieters.

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