How much Money do professional TikTokers make ?

TikTok- Image Source: Getty Images

There is no standard rate to Money TikTokers make. TikTok influencers or artists can earn a fair amount of minimum living by posting video content for their endorsements. Based on the popularity and audience that they’ve built, their earnings can range from $200 to $20,000 per branding campaign.

There are many ways in which an aspiring TikToker can start earning via the platform:

  • Community Chipping:

As you live-stream, your viewers can give you coins. You can swap the coins for real money if you’ve amassed enough of them to make it worthwhile. Coins are best thought of as TikTok’s virtual currency. TikTok users can purchase coins in denominations ranging from 100 to 10,000 coins. One can also sell merchandize on TikTok.

  • Brand Partnerships

Because of their TikTok reputation, some TikTokers can make money from the platform. Brands frequently approach TikTokers to appear at events. A brand will normally pay you to represent them on a platform that is supported by the brand. Or to make promotional posts.

  • Cross Promotion

Using more mediums to interact with the audience is the key. For example using Youtube for elaborated version of a haul done on TikTok will ensure income from both the sources.

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