Is UC browser safe?

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UC Browser Logo

The safety of UC Browser is at user’s discretion. It is one of the most efficient and fast browsers out there. It has a lot of tag along features such as ad blockers, multi format downloading, High speed with low data usage, etc. However, it does come with a lot of added risks. Some of these risks are in the form of viruses while the others are related to settings.

Occasionally, UC Browser has been detected as Trojan and/or Malware by the systems, it is also observed that the browser sends details about the system to the websites, pages and medias you visit.

The browser setting problems include – forced notifications, self-promotional alerts, etc.

All these problems can be solved using certain malware walls and protection software. Many a times such software are already built into the pc. There are many direct apps and websites available on the internet for the same. These solutions provide a user friendly protective platform to run the browser.