Is Society too dependent on technology?

Society too dependent on technology
Society too dependent on technology- Image Source: University Of People
  • Yes, society is becoming over reliant on technology.
  • We have connected overuse of technology to anxiety, stress, and other mental difficulties, besides concerns like addiction to technology and a general sense of impatience.
  • Though, certain inventions have aided in the advancement of technology.
  • Our skill sets and creativity will become increasingly limited as we delegate more chores to technology. We already rely on computers to do complex jobs and keep track of information for us.
  • Though it is easy to claim that society is overly reliant on technology, it is impossible to ignore the significant role that technology has had on society. In several ways, technology has made life easier, safer, longer, and more delightful.
  • The key is to strike a balance in our technology usage. We should utilise technology to enhance our lives rather than to take over our lives.

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