Is blogging and content marketing the same?

Content Marketing vs Blogging
Content Marketing vs Blogging- Image Source: Blue Tick

Content marketing is the umbrella term under which blogging rests. As a result, there’s often a lot of overlap between the two.

Content marketing is the creation and distribution of journalistic, helpful, audience-focused material that ultimately results in customer acquisition.

Blogging involves regular posting and updating content to keep that website fresh.

Relevant tactics to support your content marketing goal, includes white papers, video content, eBooks, email newsletters, social networks, and yes, blogging are relevant.

Blogs follow chronological order to display content so you’ll always find the most recent content first. 

The goal in blogging is to communicate with your audience, whether you’re promoting a product, providing valuable knowledge to your readers, or working to establish your organization as a thought leader. 

And it’s an important tactic within the greater content marketing strategy.

For many brands, blogging is considered a great starting point for any content marketing strategy.

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