How does IOS Sound Recognition feature works?

iOS Sound Recognition
iOS Sound Recognition Notification - Image Source: MacRumors

The iPhone magnifier function, the new Back Tap functionality, and other accessibility improvements were introduced in iOS 14 by Apple. The intention behind these features is to help those who have vision or hearing problems, although they are beneficial to everyone. IOS Sound Recognition is a lesser-known yet important accessibility feature that alerts users if their device recognizes a certain sound.

A smoke alarm, a cat or dog voice, a fire alarm, a doorbell, water flowing, and a baby screaming are all detected by the Sound Recognition function. The idea behind this feature is that if you can’t hear it, your iPhone or iPad can. Your iPhone will vibrate, play a sound, and display a notice to inform you upon the recognition of sound (for example, the Cat’s meow).

The sound identification tool performed admirably in our tests. There is, however, a caveat. The gadget must first be close enough to hear the sound. You may also activate Siri, simply say “Hey Siri” while in the on mode of the sound recognition capability. Of course, it isn’t ideal, since the feature may fail to recognize the previously assigned sounds . Keep in mind that IOS Sound Recognition should only be used when you are experiencing difficulty hearing noises. Do not rely on this function in an emergency or in a high-risk circumstance.

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