How to work from home, with kids?

How to work from home - with kids?
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While schools and daycares are disappearing, more and more employers are permitting or mandating remote employment.

So, it won’t be easy, but there are several tactics you can employ to make WFH a bit more bearable.


This has to do with planning everyday activities, ones that your youngster can perform while you concentrate on your work.

Stick to a schedule

Breaking up the day into manageable parts for yourself and your children ensures everyone knows what to expect.

Arrange virtual playdates

Kids, like adults, require social interaction. There are a plethora of ways for youngsters to communicate with one another from home, thanks to the convenience of online and telephones.

Do screen time right

Include screen time in your child’s daily schedule, and after the specified time has passed, make sure you turn off the gadgets.

Make the most of nap time

It’s a good idea to schedule jobs that demand silence or concentration. Consider moving certain tasks to other peaceful times, such as early mornings or after they’ve gone to bed for the night.

Share the load with your partner

It’s a good idea to have clear expectations about who does what in the child-care equation, so pick a non-stressful moment to work out the details with your partner.

Hack the domestic duties

If your household responsibilities are threatening to overwhelm you, now is the moment to simplify them. Meal planning one day a week or employing timesaving kitchen gadgets, on the other hand, can be lifesavers.

Focus on positive reinforcement

Coming up with a solution and employing positive reinforcement become a little easier if you empathise with their underlying need and comprehend the larger issue.

Also take into consideration that having a WFH parent might be difficult on children. So, after work hours are over, do everything you can to show them love and attention.

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