How to tie a tie?

Windsor Knot
Windsor Knot- Image Source: Pinterest

This is the quickest, simplest and most common way to tie a tie.

1. The good side of the tie facing forward, place the tie on your neck, both sides on your front and the wide end hanging on your left side. Grab the wide (left) end and move it over the narrow (right) end.

2. Once you have crossed both ends, move the wide end back to its original side by moving it under the narrow end.

3. Now lift the wide end up to the center, towards the neck loop.

4. Push it through the neck loop down to your left.

5. Swing the wide end over to your right side, creating a loophole for part 7.

6. Pull it all the way up through the neck loop.

7. Finish it by bringing the wide end down through the loop.

Congratulations, you have successfully made yourself a half Windsor knot