How to let go of perfectionism?

Getting rid of Perfectionism - Image source : Ray Williams

One of the issues with perfectionism is that many people mistakenly feel it is a good thing. People in our culture place a high value on it. You must be accomplished, driven, and smart if you strive for excellence. Perfectionists worry over faults, even though they are unlikely to be detected by others. Their self-esteem is based on their ability to achieve perfection. They hold themselves to unreasonable expectations and ridiculously high standards, and they punish themselves when they fail to reach them. These kind of thoughts are instances of flawed thinking—faulty belief systems that keep you trapped in perfectionism.

You may begin to develop new, more beneficial thinking patterns and belief systems by understanding the particular ideas and beliefs that keep you locked in perfectionism. Accepting being average is another key to overcome perfectionism. While it creates more space for you to fail, at the same time it creates the space for you to succeed. Your self worth shouldn’t be tied to how you do things.

When you struggle with perfectionism take into account all the limiting beliefs and ask yourself some self reflecting questions. What evidence do you have to refute these limiting beliefs? What would you prefer to believe? Put those new beliefs to the test and back them up with fresh evidence.

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