How to find inspiration for writing?

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Every writer has to refuel their creativity from time to time. Writing ideas abound in everyday life, and you can also find them in books and stories.

Boosting your creativity with exercises like freewriting or word association can also help you come up with new ideas and overcome writer’s block.

Try something new

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, your creativity will stagnate. It can, however, feed your motivation if you seek for something new.

Do not wait for perfection

Perfectionism can work against you and prevent you from finishing tasks. Simply try to do your best.

Find what excites your creativity

You should figure out what habits you have that help you be more creative. When you’re in need of some inspiration, turn to them.

Create a treasure chest

Ideas for scenes, characters, and tales should be scribbled on scraps of paper or in a notebook and placed aside for when you need a new project to work on.

Spend some time outdoors

Go camping or take a walk in the park. It doesn’t matter which strategy you choose here–the important thing is that you get some fresh air, get some relaxation, and get some new impressions.

Listen to music

Simply choose music that inspires you and listen to it when you need writing motivation.

Write in longhand

Simply close your Word document, grab a pen, and attempt to recall how you used to write.

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