How do you do SUP yoga?

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga
Stand up paddle board yoga - Image Source : Pakaloa

It might be frightening to practise yoga on water. After all, many of us find balance on land to be a difficult task.

Stand up Paddle board Yoga is the practise of contemporary yoga as a workout, as well as occasionally particular transitions (vinyasa) between postures (asanas), while stand up paddleboarding in calm water, such as a lake.

Beginners may practise this yoga combination on the beach or in a pool to develop the power and flexibility they’ll need to keep their balance while the board is afloat. There are a few general recommendations to follow in order to be steady while doing this type of yoga.

Slow down

Make an attempt to follow the length of slow, steady breaths at roughly half the speed you would on land.

Mind your mat

The paddleboard’s handle is generally the centre of the board’s balance, so keep an eye on it at all times.

Gaze at the horizon

When you move your eyes too rapidly, you lose your equilibrium. For extra stability, keep your gaze locked on a solid point on ground.

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