Does cellulose gum make you gain weight?

Cellulose Gum can help reduce weight
Cellulose gum can help reduce body weight Image source :

No. Instead, cellulose gum may help people lose weight by prolonging the sense of fullness. You can find it as a thickening ingredient in a variety of foods. People use food additives like cellulose gum in many diets and low-fat products to give them a thicker, creamier consistency, making them more appealing to customers.

Cellulose gum is derived from the cell walls of plants like wood pulp and cottonseeds and is used to thicken and creamy dishes without adding fat. Thus, if you’re attempting to cut down on your fat intake or are following a low-fat diet, meals manufactured with cellulose gum can help you feel less deprived. It may aid with appetite suppression. It can keep you feeling full because it acts as a filler in foods.

If you consume too much cellulose gum, though, you may experience loose bowel motions. Some people even take it as a weight-loss laxative. Although people consider cellulose gum as a safe and appropriate food additive, it is possible that there are still unknown dangers because it is not a whole food. Moreover, the CSPI warns that cellulose gum isn’t as nutritious as fibre found in complete meals.

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