Do people sneeze in their sleep?

Sneezing while sleeping
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  • Sneezing is not possible in deep sleep, however it is possible in light sleep.
  • Your body must enter a state of awareness in order to sneeze, even if it is so brief that you don’t recall it.
  • Sneezing while sleeping might cause daytime weariness by preventing deeper, more restorative sleep.
  • Sneezing while sleeping does not appear to be possible, but a powerful impulse to sneeze can wake you up from a deep slumber.
  • Because the nerves that help you sneeze are also at rest when you’re sleeping, you won’t be able to sneeze.
  • Sleep isn’t a consistent state. Instead, it represents a range of distinct stages of sleep.
  • Thus, the electrical activity of the brain varies between stages, which correlates to different levels of awareness.
  • Researchers associate lighter stages of sleep with easier awakenings and transitions to awareness of the sleep environment.
  • When you get a tickle in your nose, your body responds by sneezing to eliminate the irritants from your nasal tube.
  • You can’t sneeze if you aren’t awake enough to notice that your nose is tickled.
  • After sneezing, you may fall back asleep, but waking up to sneeze in the middle of the night may degrade the quality of your sleep.
  • To conclude, it is best to keep your bedroom tidy to reduce the likelihood of a sneeze reaction.

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