How Sports take place in a bio-secure bubble amid the pandemic?

COVID-19 Bubble, Football, Cricket
COVID-19 Bubble for Sports-Image Source: Getty Images

The sporting world is neutralising the pandemic by creating bio-bubbles.

A bio-bubble is a secure environment that minimises the risk of COVID-19 infection. After testing negative for the coronavirus, it permits the authorised personnel to enter the protected.

Naturally, individuals must be regularly tested, temperature checked with respective health reports filed accordingly. The bubble entails being confined to certain areas and limits who one can meet and interact with.

The bio-bubble does not just limit itself to the pitch or field; it is, of course, mandatory that all entities partake in this new form of quarantine.

From the Indian Premier League, the US Open, and the NBA, tournaments take place using these protocols.

IPL’s secure bio-bubble has been created by a UK-based safety and technology firm, Restrata.

In case of the bio-bubble, you do all the testing, the quarantine and then on day two of the Test match, what if one player tests positive? What happens then? The rules, as they stand now, will see the Public Health Department coming in and putting everyone in quarantine.”

Rahul Dravid, India U-19 Coach.

The flip side, however, is the psychological impact the bio-bubble has on sportspersons.

Athletes have had to deal with long spells in quarantine and isolation as the focus is being given to safe and secure hosting of sporting events.

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