Which are top Content marketing tools to try in 2021?

Content Marketing Tools
Top Content marketing tools of 2021- Image Source: E2Msolutions

You may already be producing content for your site, but how much qualitative, informative, relevant, and engaging these are, you may never know.

Therefore, you must make use of content marketing tools that will add glory to your content as well as business in 2021.

Below you are going to learn about top 5 content marketing tools to use in 2021.

1. SEMrush : an all in-one toolkit for every digital marketer. The tool provides multiple services like SEO, social media, traffic analysis, market research, content & PR. Moreover, it has solution for competitive research, enterprise, and e-commerce. 

2. Grammarly : This is the most used tool in the field of content marketing. This tool is widely used for grammar checker available for everyone for free.

3. Curata : this tool helps you find, organise, publish, & promote content in just few minutes.

4. Hubspot : Whether you have a small, medium, or large business, this tool works for every marketer. Moreover, the glory of this tool lies in creating quality content which helps you target a wide range of audience or customers. 

5. Yoast : The tool actually helps creating SEO-friendly content. It optimises content for keywords, preview, and edit meta-description and URL slugs. 

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